The Impact of Not Forgiving……PT. 2

Hey there!! For some reason, this topic of forgiveness has been on my heart lately. I posted a blog a few nights ago regarding the “other side of forgiveness.” If you have not read it, I suggest that you read it!! :). This will be a short blog, so lets jump right in!

It dawned on my today that God is not pleased and it saddens His heart that His people have such a hard time in the area of forgiveness. Think about it. How many times have you heard someone say, “Oh, I don’t fool with that person anymore,” for one reason or another. OR, we say things like “we ended on bad terms and haven’t spoken in years.”

I understand that sometimes, we have tried to reconcile with someone and they won’t allow reconciliation and they won’t respond to you and they don’t want to discuss issues; this can be very hurtful. All you can do in this case is pray for yourself (for healing) and pray for that person and move on.

BUT, we know those cases where maybe two people are being stubborn and as a result, a relationship or friendship is lost……this is what I feel makes God’s heart sad. For example, When a marriage is broken because of pride and not being forgiving. When a friendship is broken. When a mother/daughter relationship is broken. Ultimately, God’s purpose was not fulfilled. What I mean by that he when he calls two people together in marriage and they divorce ultimately over pride and not forgiving each other, they separate but also God’s purpose and plan in their marriage separates.

When someone just cuts off a friendship or relationship and their is heart hardened, the purpose is taken out of that. I believe there are needs that need to be met but will not be met because bridges have been burned from people that we truly needed because we didn’t handle their hearts right and we chose not to forgive…..This is just food for thought. Forgiveness is bigger than us.

Jesus is Love,



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The other side of forgiveness…

Hi guys! I hope everyone is having a blessed week! I wont be before you long, but something dropped in my Spirit today. Lets jump right in!!

So often, I hear people talk about FORGIVENESS. I am fully on board with forgiveness and Lord knows that I’ve had my share of situations where I had to forgive people and HELP people who hurt my heart in a way that can’t fully be articulated…..But it dawned on me, what if I was on the other side? Like what if I am the one who did the wrong doing and just decided not to apologize. Okay. Cool….But not apologizing could be causing more awkwardness and tension than necessary. And truth be told, it is causing that person to possibly hold on to something longer… a way it could be stalling forgiveness because of the hardness of another person’s heart.

So…true story….

Many years ago, I had a HEART BREAKING EXPERIENCE. I remember how mad I was and how betrayed I felt. I was so incredibly hurt to say the least. For a while I wouldn’t speak to that person and would flat out ignore them! Terrible, I know! BUT! Chile….I was just hurt. BUT! That person (sooner than later) wrote me a letter and took me out to dinner and was genuinely sorry. From that point on, I accepted the apology and the tension lifted and we never had another issue.

Now…..what if that person would have let the issue linger and not right the wrong? Yes, with prayer and time I would have gotten over it but how much longer would that situation, awkwardness and hurt have lingered?

The bottom line is this, we can help with someone forgive us if we are willing to own up to what we did wrong and sincerely apologize because lets keep 100! People and your heart knows when a person is genuine or not. Also, when we apologize to people, we have to stop saying, “I apologize for everything.” What is everything? We must pick up the phone and apologize and NOT APOLOGIZE via text!! Whew! LOL We have to stop doing that people of God.

At the end of day, regardless if someone else apologizes or not, we have to pray about and move on AND ultimately forgive them; this I know….Trust me! If there is someone you need to apologize to, call them tonight and own whatever the wrong was and be sincere…..and if you are on the opposite end of the situation, and you never receive an apology; its okay. I have learned to pray and PRAY FOR MYSELF AND FOR THAT PERSON. This is difficult to do but it must be done in order to move on with life.

Matthew 5:44 “But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you.” (NLT)

Jesus is Love,


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Running Away From Yourself…

Hey guys!! I wanted to check in do a quick post!! I’ve had so much going on lately but this thought has been lingering in my spirit for some time now…The thought of “Running Away From Yourself” Lets just right in 🙂

As great as life can be, sometimes it can throw circumstances your way that can take your breath away, break your heart and leave you in a state of shock. Life can leave you with broken pieces and have you wondering how you got there. In the midst of confusion, sometimes I feel that the best thing (besides praying) would be for me to “get away.” Sometimes I feel like 2-3 month sabbatical from everything would be just what I need. If only I could get away to free my mind and get through whatever it is that I may be going through.

My oldest brother told me something that I won’t forget. He said, “You can never run away from your thoughts but you can do things to give yourself a break mentally.” In other words, you can do things that you enjoy and that “free your mind” from what you are currently facing and dealing with. My follow up question to him was, “But what happens when you complete what you enjoy and you are right back where you started?; with your thoughts, hurt and stress?” He said told me that all things change with time and that my situation would not always be the way that it is. Hmmm……so one major key is time.

Oddly enough, sometimes we feel that we don’t have time. When you are going through something, you want it to end immediately, especially issues with the heart. Let your heart get broken by someone you truly love and see how quickly you want that heartache to end. Heartache is one of the most painful aches you will ever experience; trust me, I know.

But, we must be hopeful that God has a plan and a purpose for us no matter how much it feels like he does not have a plan. He hears our prayers and knows when we cry. We must be encouraged that no matter what we go through, we will come out better! Always keep your head up and continue to pray; I can’t say this enough.

Jesus is Love,


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Are you fasting?? Okay..shhhhhh!

Hey hey! I hope everyone had an amazing day!!!! I wanted to hop on quickly and touch on the hot topic of fasting. This has been in my Spirit to talk about since so many people are fasting with the Daniel’s Fast for 21 days. I won’t be before you long, so lets chat!!

I have fasted several times in my life for various reasons and I feel that I have always benefited from fasting. We always need to ask ourselves what is our individual purpose is for fasting. We understand the overall purpose of fasting but why do we want to fast individually. We must always ask ourselves this question with any matter concerning God. If we are fasting just because the church is fasting or because our best friend is fasting, then we have missed the point. This point leads me to social media.

If you are fasting and you let the world know, what benefit can come from that?? What you decide to do regarding your fast should be between you and Christ. Scripture states in Matthew 6:16-18 “And when you fast, don’t make it obvious, as the hypocrites do, for they try to look miserable and disheveled so people will admire them for their fasting. I tell you the truth, that is the only reward they will ever get. But when you fast, comb your hair and wash your face. Then no one will notice that you are fasting, except your Father, who knows what you do in private. And your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.” (NLT)

If our purpose in fasting is to show off for lil Jonny and lil Susie Rell how “spiritual” we are? Then that will be our exact reward; attention from lil Jonny and lil Susie Rell. We can’t heard from God because we so busy trying tell everyone that we are fasting and long we are fasting AND how tired we are by doing so. Our countenance should be at our best while fasting. Lets do a heart check and check our motives for the Lord. One thing for sure is that he knows our motives and our hearts. We can’t fake the funk with Him. Be encouraged!

Jesus is Love,


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The Art Of Discretion

Hi guys!! Happy New Year to each and everyone of you 🙂 I wanted to hop on and share something that has been on my heart for the past couple of days and especially today! I was thinking about this post literally all day at work and I can’t wait to chat! So…with that being said, lets hop right into The Art of Discretion…..

Earlier last week while I was journaling and spending time with God, I came across a scripture in Proverbs that reminded me about how precious it is to be discrete. The scripture states, “As a jewel of gold in a swine’s snout, so is a fair woman without discretion.” Proverbs 11:22 (KJV) As I read the study notes below the text, it explains the scripture more. It stated that Beauty is no more a guarantee of a good life than is wealth. Beauty without character is like fancy jewelry on a pig.

Ladies, what is the point of being the most beautiful woman on the outside but not concealing anything for anyone, not even ourselves. There are some things and parts of our bodies that only our husbands should see. If you have been following my blog, then you know I shared in one of my posts that I felt so convicted some years back by what I used to post on my Instagram page. Some of the outfits I used to wear were too revealing and I know I was sending out the wrong message. I immediately went to my Instagram page and took down the pictures I thought were too revealing. Not only did the Lord, change my social medial page but he changed my heart. No matter if I post a picture or not, I still don’t dress inappropriately nor do I have a desire to do so. LOL I’m pretty much covered now!

As I thought about this scripture further, I thought to myself that God is not only saying that we should be discrete with how much we show of our bodies but we should show discretion in how much we post on Social Media regarding our thoughts. The bottom line is this-everyone does not have to know everything that you are thinking. Every thought that we have should not be a post or tweet. There are also some thing we shouldn’t even retweet. Before we know it, everyone knows how mad we are via Facebook at our boyfriend, best friend or spouse; that is not the work of the Lord. Every now and then, we have to keep matters close to the heart and take them to Jesus. We run and tell Facebook before we tell Jesus. Let’s remember to keep ourselves covered up (we can still be cute with clothes on) and to watch what we say and what we post on social media.

Jesus Is Love,


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I Hurt When I see Women Hurting….

Hello everyone!!

Long time no chat! I hope that all is well and everyone is keeping safe with all of the devastating hurricanes that are taking place in the Florida and the Houston, Texas area; you all are in my prayers….

I wanted to post something that fell heavy on my Spirit tonight. Tonight was my first time attending a single’s ministry “session.” I’ve listened to countless sermons, messages and advice on this single life, but I haven’t physically been to a meeting, workshop or a session regarding the topic of singleness. I was invited by a friend and I decided to go.

At first, things were cool. Various topics were being discussed about relationships, and the do’s and the don’ts. What to look out for and what to run from. Eventually, a game was initiated and various women and men told short stories about their past relationships and things they have gone through in the past; this is where it gets tricky. As I listened to the stories told by mostly women, my heart began to sink. Some of the stories were so outrageous that laughter was shared amongst the room. But what hit me most is that underlying the laughter and the jokes, a spirit of hurt viciously lingered.

I could tell that some of the women sharing their stories were truly still hurting and wanted answers to how to move forward and how to leave the hurt behind. That Spirit of hurt was familiar to me. I remember feeling just like that. I remember feeling a toxic, too much to bare type of hurt. The type of hurt to where you don’t know how you got there and why. The innocent hurt-meaning you truly did not know what you had gotten yourself into. You just knew you loved the person that you later found out never loved you; it leaves you devastated. I saw myself and how I once felt in some of those women.

In that moment, I knew more than discussing any story about past hurt, we needed prayer and for the Holy Ghost to break chains and to give us strength as women for the days to come. Hurt is hard and break up hurt? And heart hurt? Is a special type of hurt. You truly have to be strong in the Lord and lean on Him with everything in you. More than anything, single women need to know that no matter what you’ve been through, God has someone special for you. In the meantime, relax, pray, hang out with friends. Don’t hang out to be “seen” but hang out because you want to. God knows your schedule!!! He will put you and your husband together at the right time.

My short words of advice…….Love and lust can blind us and cut off our discernment so always be in prayer. When we first meet a young man, we should first ask God if he is the “one” and to cut him off if he is not. That way, we won’t waste our time; God will give you immediate signs. Also, should you find yourself in a broken place because a man broke his promise….and left….and moved on…..just breathe. Now let me say this, it’s not going to be easy, but you have got to move on. Meaning don’t stalk his social media and don’t try to stay in contact. Pray….pray and pray some more. It truly takes time to get over someone you were in love with but God is truly a healer!!! Trust me, I know!

And finally, let not our hearts be troubled due to someone’s foolishness towards us. Let us always forgive and move on. God wants to bless us with a husband! But he can’t do this when we are still entertaining the wrong person.

“Laughter can conceal a heavy heart, but when the laughter ends, the grief remains.” Proverbs 14:13 (NLT)

Jesus is Love,


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Babbbayyy…..Anxiety is real!

  Hi guys!!  I wanted to touch on a topic that I feel most people deal with at one point or another. Anxiety is beyond real!! It can definitely impact your daily life and cause your stress levels to go way up!!   Lets chat!

SO….I realized that the older I got,  I became more and more familiar with anxiety.  I don’t seem to remember having much anxiety back in the day. But hey, life began to happen and then I found anxiety to be almost second nature.  I quickly learned and I’m still learning to keep myself calm and what triggers my anxiety the most.

Listen. Lets dig  a little deeper. If you are in a bad relationship and a man or woman is what is causing your anxiety? See. You need to let that go. I know and trust me, I understand that can be incredibly hard to do!! Lord help us but it is necessary for us to have a healthy mind space!!! More than likely, God has already shown you that you need to let someone or a certain situation go.  Obedience is key!

Learn and know what brings your anxiety levels down. I love quiet time!! I love to light a candle, pray, watch sermons from my favorite pastors and buy cupcakes LOL I do that in moderation of course!! But you get what I’m saying. Treat yourself to a massage or a movie. Journal. Go to the gym (I try to go 3-4 times a week).  Eat better!! Lets have a salad or green smoothie. Stay in church.   A good word and fellowship breaks chains!!

Whatever the case may be for you, find it and do it often. Another thing I LOVE to do is to put my iPhone on do not disturb!!! Lord! This option is Heaven sent!! Sometimes, I just need my peace. Peace is everything y’all!!! We should always be praying for peace in whatever situation we find ourselves in! Good or bad!  Find what makes you happy and most importantly what brings you peace!!

A person full of anxiety cannot fulfill God’s person for their life wholeheartedly because they are always so stressed. Lets take care of ourselves so that we can fulfill God’s assignment in our lives and hear Him clearly. Anxiety can create doubt and doubt is not of Him.

“For the despondent, everyday brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.” Proverbs 15:15 (NLT)

Jesus is Love,


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